Expeditious disposal of cases involving public servants due to retire shortly. - CVC Office Order No. 04/05/20 dated 12th May, 2020

Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-110023
Dated 12 May, 2020
Office Order No. 04 /05/20
Sub: Expeditious disposal of cases involving public servants due to retire shortly.

Reference: (i) Commission’s Office Order No.34/9/07 dated 27/09/2007
(ii) Commission’s Circular No.03/03/11 dated 11/03/2011
(iii) Commission’s Office Order No. 04/7/19 dated 23/07/2019

The Commission vide its O.Ms referred above had directed CVOs of all Ministries/Departments/Organisations to ensure expeditious finalization of disciplinary proceedings/action, particularly in respect of officials likely to retire shortly. The Commission had specifically impressed upon the vigilance functionaries as well as administrative authorities concerned the need prioritize their activities of conducting investigations and completion of disciplinary action well in advance so as to avoid such late references to the Commission. Further, it was also conveyed that all such retirement cases should be received by the first week of the month of superannuation of the officer(s) concerned. Cases/references received for advice after the first week of the month would be returned back to the Department/Organization without advice of the Commission and action recommended against the concerned authority (ies).
2. The Commission while reiterating its earlier instructions would emphasize that all such retirement cases for advice should be received in the Commission by 10th of every month by 5 PM. Further, if 10th is a holiday, by the next working day.
3. All CVOs/Administrative Authorities should ensure strict compliance to the above instructions.
(J. Vinod Kumar)

All Secretaries/Heads/CMDs of Ministries/Departments/PSU’s/PSBs/PSICs/FIs/Autonomous organisations etc.

All Chief Vigilance Officers of Ministries/Departments/PSU’s/PSBs/PSICs/FIs/Autonomous organisations etc.

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