Expeditious disposal of cases involving public servants due to retire shortly. - CVC Office Order No.34/9/07 dated 27th September 2007

Government of India
Central Vigilance Commission

Satarkta Bhawan, Block ‘A’
GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi- 110 023
Dated the 27th September 2007
Office Order No.34/9/07
Subject: Expeditious disposal of cases involving public servants due to retire shortly
The Commission had, vide its letter No.DO/DSP/15 dated 26.2.1981 and 6.5.1981 directed expeditious completion of disciplinary action, particularly against the officials likely to retire soon. Later, vide Commission’s circular No.14/3/06 dated 13.3.2006, detailed instructions were issued on the pre-requisites for seeking first/second stage advice. In this circular a specific mention had been made about the requirement of bio-data, which inter-alia contains the date of superannuation of the SPS/CO.
2. The ready availability of date of superannuation of the SPS/CO is meant to serve as a guide to the CVO/DA to handle the case at a pace that should complete the action well in time. It has, however, come to repeated notice of the Commission that the CVOs/DAs often tend to lose sight of the superannuation dates, thereby creating situations which serve to the advantage of the SPS/COs. The entire effort is rendered all the more infructuous in organizations where the Conduct Rules do not provide for continuance of disciplinary action after retirement.
3. The Commission has, therefore, emphasized once again that all vigilance/administrative functionaries in an organization must invariably keep in mind the date of superannuation of the SPS/CO while handling disciplinary cases and anyone found to have consciously ignored the fact should be held accountable for the delay that may lead to the eventual dropping of the proceedings.
4. All CVOs should ensure strict compliance to the above instructions.
(Vineet Mathur)
Deputy Secretary

All Chief Vigilance Officer

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