Expeditious disposal of Vigilance cases- regarding - CVC Office Order No. 11/09/20 dated 10th September, 2020

Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-110023
Dated 10th Sept., 2020
Office Order No. 11/09/20

Sub: Expeditious disposal of Vigilance cases- regarding

During the course of examination and disposal of cases in the Commission, it has been observed that several reminders are sent to CVOs of concerned Departments/ Organisations seeking further information/ clarifications on reports received in complaints referred by the Commission for investigation as well as in Vigilance cases referred for First / Second State advice of the Commission. Such further information are sought by the Commission, since the references made by CVOs are either incomplete or matters have not been considered/analysed in a proper perspective, due to which the Commission is unable to tender its advice on references received from the Departments/Organisations. The reply/further information from the CVOs are many a time, delayed and takes several months /years and leads to wastage of precious time and reduction in impact of punitive action on suspect / charged officers and to the public at large.
2. The Commission on consideration of the processing/examination of the cases, therefore, has observed that system of examination needs systematic change and has decided that in future, the following course of action would be adhered to finalize and tender advice in such long pending references:
(i) All such cases/pending complaint cases or ones pending for long periods for further information/clarifications etc., would be reviewed internally in the Commission by 30th September, 2020 under the supervision of the concerned Additional Secretary.
(ii) For any information/clarification, only one reminder would be sent by Branch Officer concerned to CVO of the Department/Organisation to reply/report back by a particular date (max 15 days)
(iii) If no reply is received, the concerned Additional Secretary, CVC would speak to the CVO of the Department/Organisation and ask to send the reply within seven days (indicating a particular date).
(iv) If no reply comes, a date would be fixed for video conference with CVO in a week’s time, and the Secretary/Additional Secretary/Branch Officer would take the reply and if it is not received, the file would be submitted to the Commission for appropriate action.
3. All CVOs/Administrative Authorities should ensure strict compliance to the above instructions.
(J. Vinod Kumar)


  1. All Secretaries of Ministries / Departments of GoI /CMDs/Chief Executives/ Heads of CPSEs / PSBs / PSICs / FIs / Autonomous Organisations, etc.

  2. All Chief Vigilance Officers of Ministries / Departments / CPSEs / PSBs / PSICs /FIs / Autonomous Organisations, etc.

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