Festival Advance - UTSAV Card Design & SBI Rupay Standard Operating Procedure (SoP)

So, this is the Card you’re gonna receive, if you avail the Festival Advance package announced by the Department of Expenditure on 12.10.2020:

1. DDOs of all the Ministries / Departments of Government of India will advise Digital & Transaction Banking (Products & Operations) Department (D&TB-P&O), Corporate Centre, Mumbai, the total number of Prepaid UTSAV Cards required by them in MS Excel (.xls) file format (Already shared with DFS). They will also mark a copy to the Nodal Official at DFS for control purpose. (Format enclosed – Annexure A).
2. DDOs will also provide the granular details of the Beneficiaries in MS Excel (.xls) file format (Already shared with DFS) to D&TB-(P&O) along with Link Branch (SBI / Other bank) details where the DDO Account is maintained (Bank Name, Branch Name, Branch Code, IFSC Code, and DDO’s contact details). They will also mark a copy to the Nodal Official at DFS for control purpose. (Format enclosed – Annexure B- Columns 1-16). Data in column 21-26 will be populated by D&TB-(P&O) and the updated file shall be forwarded to the Link Branches for uploading in PCMS Portal.
3. DDOs to forward the above details (Card requirement and Granular Data) through e-Mail to agm2debitcards.dtb@sbi.co.in with a copy to dgmdebitcards.dtb@sbi.co.in.
4. DDOs may also contact their Link Branch (where their account is maintained) for submission of the above lists. Branches to receive them and forward to the above e-Mail IDs.
5. D&TB (P&O) shall intimate the identified Link Branches by e-Mail on receipt of the indent from DDOs. The Link Branches to follow-up with the DDOs for expediting the submission of the granular details of the Beneficiaries for smooth rollout of the project.
6. D&TB (P&O) shall also advise the Nodal Official at DFS / DoE on receipt of indents from DDOs.
7. Indents for the total number of Utsav Cards shall be raised in PCMS Portal from a few identified Branches by D&TB (P&O) (Hereinafter, referred to as Nodal Branches).
8. D&TB (P&O) to share with IT-ATM Team at GITC the individual Branch details along with the quantity of Utsav Cards against each Branch.
9. GITC to generate the Utsav Card number, Card Reference (Proxy) No., Physical PIN and share them with the Card Vendors for Kit preparation along with individual Branch address to which the Kits have to be dispatched.
10. Card Vendors to prepare the required number of Kits (Card & PIN) and despatch the same to the Link Branches.


SoP of SBI on UTSAV Card:

SOP_UTSAV CARD.pdf (672.6 KB)

Can we use for Credit Card Payment ?

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For what?

I want to pay credit card payment through Utsav Card, Is it possible?