How to use Windows and Manjaro Linux in one laptop?

How to install both Widows and Linux in one laptop?

Depends on which operating system you are using. If to start afresh, the ideal way to install both the OS is as follows:

[It is advisable not to install Linux first and Windows next. If you do this, this will remove the boot menu and you can’t start Linux. You need to repair the GRUB Boot menu. To avoid all this, install windows first and linux second]

  1. Install Windows first.
  2. Then, download Manjaro from (I suggest to download Manjaro KDE version)
  3. Make a bootable USB using Rufus (if on Windows) / Etcher (if on Linux)
  4. Insert the bootable USB and from the boot menu, start installing Manjaro.
  5. During disk setup, you can easily select (Install alongside Windows) option.

This video shows how to do the above steps in a detailed way:

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