Need clarification on Staff Car facility and Transport Allowance

Vide DoE OM No. No.21/5/2017-E.III(B) dated 01.07.2017, officers in Level-9 and above are eligible for Transport Allowance @ Rs.7200+ DA thereon. But, in the same OM, eligible officers shall be given the option to avail the official car facility or to draw Transport Allowance at the rates of Rs.15,750/- p.m. plus DA thereon.

Anyone please clarify the following:
What rate of TA should be given to an officer in level 14 or above who is not availing Staff Car facility? Rs.7200+DA or Rs.15,750 + DA?

Sub-para (iv) of DoE O.M. dt.07.07.2017 says that TA at Rs.15,750 + DA would be admissible to those employees in Level 14 and above, who are entitled to official car facility. However, the admissibility of official car to the officers will have to be examined and entitlement is to be decided by the Ministry. So, generally, Level 14 officers are entitled for TA at Rs.7200 + DA, but if the officer is entitled for an official car, he will chose his option whether to draw TA at Rs.15,750 + DA or car facility. Hope this is clear.

Not clarified

Read again or ask your question once again, elaborately.