Office Procedure - DEFINITIONS



Definitions - The Definitions of some of the terms used in the Manual are:-

(1) Appendix to correspondence - Detailed/lengthy enclosures to a communication / file.
(2) Branch - the Unit of a Division and may compmrise of a couple of Sections/Units/Cells.
(3) Branch Officer for a section - the officer who is directly above the section in the line of control of execution of work.
(4) Case - a current file or a receipt together with other related papers, if any.
(5) Central receipt and issue section - A unit within a department consisting of the central registry and the central issue section.
(6) Classified dak - dak bearing a security grading - confidential, secret etc.
(7) Correspondence portion - the portion of file file containing ‘receipts’ and office copies of the communications issued from the file include self-contained inter-departmental notes but excluding those recorded on the notes portion of the file itself.
(8) Current file - A file on which action is not yet complete
(9) Dak - All communication received/issued by an office/department.
(10) Dealing hand - Any functionary entrusted with initial examination.
(11) Department - Any of the Ministries, Departments, Secretariats and Offices mentioned in the First schedule to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961, as amended from time to time.
(12) Departmental instructions - Instructions issued by a department to supplement or vary the provisions of the Manual of Office Procedure.
(13) Departmental Record Officer (DRO) - officer nominated under the Public Records Act 1993
(14) Desk - A unit within a department with a specific task assigned to it.
(15) Desk functionary - A functionary assigned with a defined sub-function or activity in the charge of desk.
(16) Diarist - a functionary within a section charged with the responsibility inter-alia of maintaining the Section diary.
(17) Diary number - The serial number assigned to a receipt in the Section diary/personal staff of officers followed by code letters identifying the Section Diary (‘H’ for section diary for Hindi receipt and „O‟ for section diary for other receipts)/officers‟ designation, the year and the abbreviated symbol of the section e.g., 205-H/2010-O&M or 123-O/DS(O&M)/2010.
(18) Division - A unit of a wing within a Department. A division may comprise of branches/sections.
(19) Docketing - Making of entries in the notes portion of a file about the serial number assigned to each item of correspondence (whether receipt or issue) for its identification.
(20) File - a collection of papers on a specific subject, assigned a number and consisting of one or more of the following parts:

(a) Notes; (b) Correspondence; (c.) Appendices to Notes/correspondence.
(21) Fresh Receipt(FR) - Any subsequent receipt on a case which brings additional information.
(22) Information and Facilitation Counter (IFC) - A Facilitation counter, to provide information/assistance to the citizens/clients about the programmes, schemes, status of cases, applications, etc.
(23) Issue - A communication issued in a case
(24) Messenger Book - A record of particulars of despatch of non postal communications and their receipt by the addressees.
(25) Minute - a note recorded by the President, the Vice President, the Prime Minister or a Minister
(26) Night Duty Clerk - A functionary on duty outside office hours who performs the functions of central receipt and issue section during such hours.
(27) Note - The remarks recorded on a case to facilitate its examination and decision.
(28) Paper Under Consideration(PUC) - A receipt pertaining to a case, the consideration of which is the subject matter of the case.
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