41. Procedure for drafting -

Draft is not required to be prepared in straight-forward cases or those for which standard forms of communication exist.

42. General instructions for drafting -

(i) A draft shall be clear and concise.

(ii) The number and date of the last communication in the series, and if this is not from the addressee, his last communication on the subject, shall always be referred to. Where it is necessary to refer to more than one communication or a series of communications are to issue from he same file on the same date, a separate serial number may be inserted before the numeral identifying the year to avoid confusion in reference, e.g., A-11011/5(I)/2001-Est., A-11011/5(I)/2001-Est.

(iii) The name, designation, telephone number, fax number and e-mail (wherever applicable) of the officer signing the communication shall be indicated in the communication.

43. Authentication of Government Orders (Ministry of Home Affairs) -

(i) All orders and other instruments made and executed in the name of the President shall be expressed to be made in his name and signed by an officer having regular or ex-officio secretariat status of and above the rank of Under Secretary, or other specifically authorized to authenticate such orders under the Authentication (Orders and Other Instruments) Rules, 2002 (as amended from time to time)

(ii) Where the power to issue orders, notifications, etc., is conferred by a statute of the government of India, such orders and notifications will be expressed to be made in the name of the Government of India.

44. Addressing communication to officers by name -

Normally no communication, other than that of a classified nature or a demi-official letter, shall be addressed or marked to an officer by name, unless it is intended that the matter raised therein shall receive his personal attention either because of its special nature, urgency or importance, or because some ground has already been covered by personal discussions with him and he would be in a better position to deal with it.