Office Procedure - MANAGEMENT OF DAK



Movement of inward receipts



(a) During office hours, the entire dak of the department including that addressed to Ministers/Officers by name will be received in the Central Registry(CR) or Information Facilitation Counter(IFC). Where, however, immediate/important dak addressed to Ministers/Officers by name is sent through special messenger directly, it will be received by them or personal staff.

(b) In case, an officer is on leave or on training/tour or having retired or left the office after completion of his tenure, the incumbent or the personal staff concerned or the link officer or the officer just below the officer concerned, dealing with the subject will receive the immediate/important references, except confidential letters for which link officer arrangement will be utilized. In case none of the above mentioned officers are in position, the CR will receive such letters.
(ii) Outside the office hours, dak will be received by the addressee himself at his residence if marked ‘immediate’ and addressed by name. In all other cases, dak will be received, outside office hours by:-
* The night duty clerk of the Department concerned; or
* Where no such arrangements exist, by the office designated by the Department concerned to receive such dak.
(iii) E-mails received in this Department will be downloaded centrally by the Department and forward the same to the officer concerned. E-mails addressed to Ministers/Officers will be downloaded by them or their personal staff.

10. Acknowledgement of dak –

the receipt of dak, in person, will be acknowledged by the recipient signing his name in full and in ink with date and designation. In e-Office acknowledgement will be self generated.

11. Registration of dak –

(i) All covers, except those addressed to Ministers/Officers by name or those bearing security grading, will be opened by the Central Registry (CR)/Information Facilitation Centre (IFC).
(ii) All opened dak as well as the covers of unopened, classified dak, will be date-stamped in a format suitable to the ministry/Department concerned with details including name of the Ministry/Department, Date of Receipt, C.R./I.F.C., Number, Section Diary Number.
(iii) The physical dak (including the fax messages) would be received by various functionaries (e.g. C.R. Unit or the personal staff of the officer concerned). It shall be the responsibility of the functionary who first receives the physical dak, to diarize it (in case the enclosures are missing, the concerned official shall take action telephonically or in writing or electronically to obtain the enclosures from the sender, preferably in the electronic form). Where voluminous books, papers, etc. are sent as Annexure, the sender may be requested to send a soft copy.

12. Distribution of dak –

The receipts may be forwarded to the officer/section concerned. In a case ambiguity, the correspondence may be forwarded as per the instructions of the appropriate authority.