48. Activities involved in records management -

Records management covers the activities concerning mainly recording, retention, retrieval and disposal by transferring records to National Archives of India (NAI). Each Department is expected to issue Departmental instructions to regulate and review of records.

49. Stage/procedure of recording -

Files shall be recorded after action on the issue considered thereon has been completed. Recording of such files shall be governed by the provisions in the Record Retention Schedule (RRS) and that of NAI issued from time to time. Extract from the file, copies of important decisions, documents, etc. as are considered useful for future reference and add them to the standing guard file/standing note/ precedent book/reference folder etc.;

50. Categorization of physical records -

Files may be recorded under any one of the categories prescribed by NAI.

51. Precedent Book -

Every section shall update its precedent book for keeping note of important rulings and decisions having precedent value for ready reference.

52. Record Retention Schedule -

To ensure that files etc. are neither prematurely destroyed, nor kept for periods longer than necessary, every Ministry/Department will:
(a) in respect of records connected with accounts, observe the instructions contained in Appendix 13 to the General Financial Rules as available in the website of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure (;
(b) in respect of records, relating to establishment, personnel and housekeeping matters common to all departments, follow the ‘Record Retention Schedule’ in respect of Records Common to All Ministries/Departments’, which is available on Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances’ website, as amended from time to time.
(c ) in respect of records connected with its substantive functions, issue a departmental retention schedule prescribing the periods for which files files dealing with specified subjects shall be preserved, in consultation with the NAI.

53. Records maintained by officers and their personal staff -

Each department may issue Departmental instructions to regulate the review and weeding out/deleting of paper records maintained by officers and their personal staff. In this regard procedure laid down in CSMOP shall be followed.

54. Requisitioning of records -

(a) No recorded file shall be sent from the Sections, Departmental Record Room or Archival records except under a requisition in form prescribed under Public Records Act, 1993.
(b) Requisitions of files belonging to other Departments and are in the custody of the NAI, will have to be endorsed by that Department concerned, before they are sent by the Archives. Records, bearing security classification, are not transferred to the Archives, as per section 10 of the Public Records Act, 1993.