What are Blocks in LTC?

What are Blocks in LTC?


There are two types of block years in LTC, that we listen frequently.

4 year block (Ex: 2018-21) and 2 year block (Ex: 2020-21).

In a 4 year block (Ex: 2018-21), employees can avail Home Town LTC in each two calendar years (two year block) i.e. 1 Home Town LTC in 2018-19 and the 2nd one in 2020-21. Among these two, one hometown can be converted to All India LTC (Option 1 and 2).
If an employee’s family lives away from him/her at his/her hometown, then s/he can avail LTC for self only every year, if s/he chose not to avail All India LTC for self and family. (Option 3)

This table below better demonstrates these blocks and the eligibility of LTC during the blocks:


Hope this helps.

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