What are OEM unlocking, bootloader unlocking, encryption/decryption, Rooting, Recovery?

I want to install custom ROM on my device but I am confused with these words

OEM unlocking, bootloader unlocking, encryption/decryption, Rooting, Recovery

Anyone tell me simply.

OEM unlocking:

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As the name says, original manufacturer restricts the user to unlock bootloader. The OEM unlock in android is necessary for unlocking the phone’s bootloader because, without it, the phone would not acknowledge the bootloader unlocking command.

Bootloader unlocking:

The manufacturers wants you to stick to their bloated OS version for variety of reasons, mostly due to their business demands (imho). With a bootloader locked, it is not possible to flash a custom ROM (removing the original OS and installing another). As such, first we have to unlock the OEM and then bootloader to flash a custom ROM.

The explanation to this question is really simple. If you want root, you’d be wanting to flash Custom ROM post-root, and if you want to install a Custom ROM, you’d need to have your stock bootloader unlocked. In simple terms Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install custom Firmware on your Android phone, root and install mods.

Encryption / decryption:

Encryption stands for converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. Decryption is its reverse.


Rooting the device provides root privileges to the user. You can access the restricted file structure and hence can install any custom application, modify the system settings, etc. To access root privileges, you have to unlock the bootloader first.


Recovery helps when you can’t access the OS. You can wipe the data, cache, can format the device, factory reset, etc. Each manufacturer operates different recovery menu. When you unlock the bootloader, you can install custom recoveries such as TWRP, OrangeFox, etc.

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Thank you.

While reading the reply, I got new doubts that there are some words Firmware and Mods. What are these? and what is the difference between bootloader unlocking and rooting?