What is Efficiency Bar (EB) in 4th CPC pay scales?

What is EB Efficiency Bar?

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The concept of Efficiency Bar (EB) doesn’t exist anymore. It existed till 4th CPC.
To understand the concept, let’s take a time scale of pay in 4th CPC as example:


In the above pay scale, the base salary starts from Rs.400 and till he reach Rs.600 as base pay, his increment will be Rs.20. Till he reach Rs.800, his increment will be Rs.40.
But, after reaching Rs.800 base pay, the concept of EB starts. Once the employee comes to Efficiency Bar, then he will be evaluated and based on the evaluation, if he is not crossing the EB, then his increment will be considered as the previous increment of Rs.40 per increment. If he crosses EB, then he earns Rs.50 as increment.