Will temporary service count for LTC?

If an employee joined on 10/02/2020 on temporary service rules and later absorbed on 10/10/2020 and placed under probabation, can the service rendered during temporary service be counted for the purpose of LTC?

If That employee wants to avail LTC in March, 2021 is he eligible?

The LTC shall be admissible to Govt. Servants only if they have completed 1 year’s continues service under the Central Government on the date of journey performed by him or his family, as the case may be, to avail of the concession.

In the instant case, the incumbent has joined on10.2.2020 he will be entitled to avail LTC only after 09.2.2021 after rendering continues service of year.

Admissibility of LTC is delinked from Temporary or Permanent service Rules.

Hence, an employee who have rendered 1 year continues service is eligible for the above concession.

In reality, there is no break in service right? Is there any LTC rule that mandates not to count temporary service?

The question is, will he be eligible for LTC is March, 2021.


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